Passion is the cradle of Art and Creativity

A fascinating childhood full of love and encouragement made me what I am today: A passionate partner, a mother and an artist. And if I can, my art would be giving a shape to my feelings and to my thoughts; and this is in itself an absolute voice to an oppressed world.

After graduating with a Master’s degree in Literary Translation from Norwich University UEA in the UK in 2002, I quickly dedicated myself to translation, writing and poetry. Eager to join both passions, painting and writing I finally completed a University Calligraphy course in 2019, Istanbul.

 There was a time dedicated to family and work. Today and for the past five years, I have finally found a peaceful home in Spain after living in more than 9 countries. My travelling worldwide was one of the first opportunities to learn many things and adapt to many situations. Being a polyglot and open minded to different cultures, made of me a pure international woman. As a consequence, it facilitated my learning and helped me get some good contacts with some renowned artists.

Through different cities spending hours in prestigious museums and galleries literally fed my soul causing an obvious impact on my performance. The strongest being probably the quattrocento frescoes in Tuscany! Simply a crazy challenge! I know, my expectations were unmeasurable, but then more time, more trips showed me how art evolved and that to reach a closer level meant hard work. After this point all becomes possible.

The Change of my technical practice took place in New York 4 years ago, when I discovered the amazing quality of dry pastels and the endless possibilities they allow if we know how to use them of course! It turned up I purchased my first professional Pastel box in a shop in Soho, and spending days in the Metropolitan was no doubt: A real kick!

Back in Spain

Back in Spain, and more precisely in Marbella, I made an unexpected meeting that did change my life. Aurelio Rodriguez Lopez, the renowned Spanish Master realistic artist, agreed to integrate me into his workshops and teach me what I needed to know, and what I still need to improve.

Eager to learn through diversity, I also got to know another Pastelist Master, the Sevillan Ruben Belloso. An amazing artist and a very good teacher too. The two pastellists used the same technique, but each of them had his own personal touch. This may be a minor nuance for some, but for me I had to learn from the best. Today, I am very grateful to both.

As we know, the human figure is the most fascinating and difficult shape to achieve with any existing technique, and nothing can be more satisfying than reproducing something you admire.

Today as a Pastelliste, and mostly a portraitist, I strive to reflect a realistic image of my chosen muses including of my own. A face and a body alone do not represent an identity: a multitude of emotions lay behind every expression I try to reflect in my paintings.

For a couple of years now, and faithful to my observation , I have strived to paint my feelings and do justice to my models, but then I had to train my eyes for it, everyday a little more!

This year for women´s day I was invited by the journalist Eva Galvez to introduce myself as an artist on 7TV Marbella amongst other wonderful and creative ladies. A proper appearance to get to know me as a woman and artist. You can find the whole documentary on Eva Galvez Facebook or on Twitter @ huracangalvez. ( First part in Spanish, second part in English )

A Little Closer

My official appearance in the Art world started humble but it is worth to mention how it quickly evolved through such a short time:

  • 2019

    2019  My painting titled Noblesse joined a shared exhibition in Zaragoza for the Agrupacion Artistica de Aragonesa. Artelibre pequeno formato 20×20. To be seen on Arte Libre en Pequeno formato

  • January 2020

    My work titled Pasion Andaluza has been selected for the exhibition of the Salón de Primavera de Pintura Realista in Madrid, it has been postponed for the July 2021 till september 2021

    Selected work for the competition:

    January 2020

  • March 2020

    My portrait Todo Ira Bien has been selected to be in the Artelibre limited edition book Your Best Painting. It can also be seen on their webpage. To be noted that to universalize and give visibility to figurative realistic art in the world, Artelibre shares the same virtual exhibition in China with the portal

    A collection she presents in her own way and names:

    Selected work for the competition:

  • May 2020

    To celebrate their 240 birthday, I felt honored when the owner of Girault invited me  to exhibit my paintings with some other  famous international artists. Currently, in France, in Montignac, eight of my works are in the prestigious galleria of Girault, of which one is sold.  A pioneer location  of artisanal fine quality dry pastel since 1780 and prime location for international pastellistes to exhibit their works. A collection she presents in her own way and names:

    “Rencontre de Lettres et de Couleurs”

    May 2020

  • November 2020

    My portrait The Crown ended as a semi finalist in MEAM 2020 in Barcelona.

    Selected work for the competition:

  • January 2021

    My portrait The Crown ended as a semi finalist work for both ARC 15th competition.

    Selected work for the competition:

    January 2021

  • April 2021

    A couple of other online art competitions held some of my portraits this year such as the Italian Associazione Pasit for Pastellisti Italiani.

    Selected work for the competition:

  • June 2021

    Finalist with my latest work called My Battle in the prestigious art competition in Barcelona FIGURATIVAS 2021 MEAM waiting for Jury deliberation after physically sending my work to the museum.

    June 2021

A Crowning Moment

I am definitely proud and grateful to share with you my modest contribution in the most prestigious art competitions in the world where only few entries are very selective and very few artists are selected as Semi Finalists or Finalists.

The Crown can also be seen on ARC webpage as well as the MEAM Modportrait 2020 Special Edition.

I also have the privilege to soon show The Crown on a full page in FINE ART CONNOISSEUR magazine supervised by Sotherbys in two editions: The first one will be distributed in June 2021 in the New York ARC art exhibition.

  This is a very important opportunity for emerging artists such as myself to be discovered by international US and European Galleries as well as International art collectors.

Delighted as well as some of my works have been selected to appear in the latest prestigious art international guide: Arte LEONARDO 2021 latest edition.

Last and but not least , and after 4 months of hard work to complete my largest painting till now, my first figurative autoportrait named My Battle, has been selected as a finalist painting to The FIGURATIVAs 2021 of Fundacio de Les Arts IELS ARTISTES of the MEAM! Impatient to hear the jury’s decision now!

Today through the few but winning accomplishments and as an official artist pastelliste, and member of Art Renewal Center in New York City in the United States of America ARC,as well as a member of Pastellistes du Perigord in France, I am and will always remain grateful to my teachers and to my loved ones. Those who made these first steps of my art journey possible.

Thank you.
Shahnez Vds.