“ These are but my early steps, a modest start. The road will be long, and I know I will be tough with myself ”

My Recent Work

I am interested in the human figure and portraiture, I invite you to have a look at my humble collection.

Chasing a Passion

From her early childhood, Shahnez Van De Slijke has always shown interest in Art. Her sketches and paintings were hanging around the family house in Algiers. As a single child, her parents were always encouraging, and soon her young talent was to be noticed by her teachers in schools.

After graduation, Shahnez devoted herself entirely to her university studies. First, with a bachelor’s degree in English, followed by a Master’s Degree of Art “Translation and Literature” in University of East Anglia UEA Norwich (England). And while her passion for pencils and colors has been relegated throughout her years of residence in the UK, she would never miss an opportunity to relax through some sketches.

 An interesting joint venture she states, as to combine both her illusionary passion for literature and art, she decided to seal her vision with another diploma she obtained last december at Istanbul University, allowing her to hold the title of Calligrapher.

Having lived in different countries, Shahnez abandoned her work as a translator and critic and turned to painting to soothe her nostalgia. Self-taught, she devoted herself for years to two techniques: watercolor and oil paint. This did not last as they both were far from meeting her expectations. It is to be mentioned that her thirst for art grew stronger after discovering the amazing artworks covering the walls of some museums around the world.

It is to be mentioned that her thirst for art grew stronger after discovering the amazing artworks covering the walls of some museums around the world.

Magic Sticks

The change took place in New York 4 years ago, when she discovered another technique: Dry pastel. “I purchased my first Pastel sticks in a shop in Soho,” she recalls. With these magic sticks she painted her first dry pastel portrait with the purest of pigments. A successful experience she recalls.

Back in 2017, in Andalucia more precisely in Marbella where she currently resides, she made an unexpected meeting that will change her artistic vision. Aurelio Rodriguez Lopez, the renowned Spanish Master pastelliste who agreed to integrate her into his workshops. Shahnez saw this as an opportunity not to miss. Without hesitation, she absorbed all given advice.

“I have been impressed twice in my life,” she says, “Watching the frescoes of the quattrocento and the art works that cover the walls of churches and convents in Tuscany, and my discovery of Aurelio’s work.”

A joy mixed with a great frustration having to conform with such a demanding teacher, and a concern about how to get closer to such realistic jobs such as the ones that hang around Aurelio’s atelier.

For Shahnez the different painting school techniques do not matter for the moment she says:

“I only want to paint faithful to my observation.”

A Litte Closer

Eager to learn through diversity, she got to know another Pastelist Master, the Sevillan Ruben Belloso. An amazing artist and a very good teacher too. The two pastellists used the same technique, but each of them had his own personal touch. This may be a minor nuance for some, but for her she had to learn from the best.

Soon her hard work and patience will pay back:

  • 2019

    She participated with a beautiful 20X20 cm small painting at the collective exhibition in Zaragoza for Agrupacion Artistica of Aragonesa. Artelibre. “Artelibre pequeno Formato”.

    Her work called Todo Ira Bien is selected in the virtual exhibition also organized by Artelibre Tu Mejor Pintura

  • 2020

    After a preselection, today the pastellist is awaiting for Avatarte jury deliberation to announce the winners of another realistic exhibition in Madrid as well in Salon de Primavera De Pintura Realista


  • May 2020

    Despite the unfortunate times that we are all going through, the artist kept working from home to be able to be part of an important collective art exhibition. Her first in France.

    In a couple of days Girault, the manufacturer of high quality pastel from the Périgord region in Montignac that is celebrating its 240 years anniversary, will exhibit, in their Art Galleria, eight of her works that we invite you to discover.

    A collection she presents in her own way and names:

    “Rencontre de Lettres et de Couleurs”

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